VSGA Handicap Policy

Posting Scores – VSGA Handicap Policy


Virginia observes an active posting season, requiring the year-round posting of scores for handicap purposes. Rounds played in Virginia during any month will be acceptable for score posting. VSGA members receive an updated Handicap Index twice monthly throughout the year – on the first and 15th of each month.

An established U.S.G.A. Handicap is required to compete in any Greene Hills golf competition. (The exception is Men’s Member/Guest tournament.) Scores are posted by the Pro Shop staff, not by the players. An attested scorecard must be returned to the Pro Shop immediately following every round. Cards are accepted for either 9-hole or 18-hole rounds. If a scorecard is not submitted, a score equal to the lowest of the last 20 scores will be entered. For rounds completed after the Golf Shop is closed, a drop box is provided in the Hills Grille which is located directly under the computer in the lobby. Scores from other courses should also be kept. Please return a dated and signed scorecard to the Pro Shop at the first opportunity. Everyone’s cooperation is appreciated and helps to make our competitions more enjoyable and equitable.

The handicap fee is $37.00 per person per year. Juniors under 18 are free. (Billed in March of each year)

The USGA Handicap System utilizes a way to adjust scores called Equitable Stroke Control, which sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player’s Course Handicap. Equitable Stroke Control requires you to adjust, for handicap purposes, your hole scores when they are higher than your maximum number you can post.

Additional Note – If you are a male over 65 and have a double-digit handicap, you may play the gold tees in tournaments at GHC.