Mens' Leagues

Greene Hills Men golfers participate in the Mid-VA Senior Golf Association. They also have a Thursday Night Match Play League. Read more about those leagues here.

Mid-VA Senior Golf Association

The Greene Hills Men's Senior League is open to all male members ages 50 and over. Please contact GHC member Jim Jorgensen at 434-996-5943 or by email at if you are interested in participating in this league.

In each match, 10 twosomes from each team compete in a best ball match play format. The team is awarded 1 point for winning a hole and each team gets 1/2 a point when a hole is halved, for a total of 18 points in each match. There are a total of 180 points at stake each week.

We also have (5) home and home matches with Lake Monticello, Glenmore, Farmington, Spring Creek and Lakeview.

Ladies' Leagues

Greene Hills has very active lady golfers. Read more about our Ladies Golf Association here. Greene Hills Ladies participate in the Virginia League, the Jefferson League, and our own Tuesday Night Match Play League. While not a formalized league, ladies also meet on Tuesday mornings to play either 9- or 18-holes of stroke play. Click here to read more.

LGA Tuesday Night Match Play League

The 2017 Tuesday Night Match Play League will begin taking registrations at the Spring LGA meeting on Saturday, April 1. The deadline to enter is for the first 32 entries received. Our goal is 36 players, so if we don't reach that number, the league will be reduced to the first 24 entries received. Please contact Cheri Lawson if you would like to play.

We will provide a list of useful documents below, as they become available.

  • Tuesday Night Match Play League Entry Form
  • General Rules of League
  • Schedule and Rosters
  • List of Substitutes

2018 Ladies' Clinics

Are you a beginning golfer or need to brush up on your fundamentals this spring? These clinics are a great way to start. All clinics are taught by our PGA Professional, Mike Moyers, and all clinics begin at 6 PM. There is limited space in each clinic, so sign up as soon as possible.

  • Beginning Tuesday, April 25

Schedule and Registration

Jefferson League

A Central Virginia League consisting of teams from Birdwood Golf Course, Farmington Country Club, Glenmore Country Club, Greene Hills Club, Lake Monticello Golf Course and Waynesboro Country Club. Handicaps of participating players are generally above 20. Each match consists of 3 foursomes, with two visiting participants teamed against two host participants. Format is match play, with one point earned per hole. Each player is handicapped off the low handicap player of the foursome. Greene Hills was the 2015, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2015 champion of the Jefferson League and runner-up in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014!

The 2018 Jefferson League Schedule

Date Host Course Matches
Thursday, April 27 Glenmore Glenmore vs Greene Hills
Wednesday, May 17 Spring Creek Spring Creek vs Greene Hills
Wednesday, July 7 Greene Hills Greene Hills vs Birdwood
Wednesday, July 12 Greene Hills Greene Hills vs Farmington
Wednesday, September 13 Greene Hills Greene Hills vs Lake Monticello
Wednesday, October 11 Waynesboro Waynesboro vs Greene Hills
Wednesday, October 25 End of Season Superball and Luncheon at Birdwood 9:30 AM

Ladies' League of Virginia

The Ladies' League of Virginia consists of 9 teams from Northern and Central Virginia for golfers whose handicaps are less than 20. The participating clubs are Culpeper Country Club, Fauquier Springs, Fawn Lake, Forest Green, Fredericksburg Country Club, Greene Hills, Lake of the Woods, Lee's Hill, and Montclair. The Virginia League celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010. Greene Hills was the League Winner in 2013, 2010 and 2008, and finished 3rd in the league in 2009.

The method of play is four ball match play with 1 point awarded for each hole. Each club provides a 6-player team. In each match, the lowest handicapped player from each team must play against the lowest handicapped player from the opposing team. Team members may have a maximum handicap of 28; however, the lowest handicapped player in the foursome plays scratch, and the other players in the foursome may only receive a maximum of nine(9) strokes regardless of their handicap. (Ex: If the lowest handicapped player in the foursome has a 10 handicap, and the highest handicapped player has a 20 handicap, then the 20 handicap would only receive 9 strokes rather than 10.)

The 2018 Ladies' League of Virginia Schedule

Date Host Course Matches
Thursday, May 19 Fawn Lake Montclair vs Greene Hills
Thursday, May 25 Lee's Hill Fawn Lake vs Greene Hills
Monday, June 5 Culpeper Faquier Springs vs Greene Hills
Thursday, June 22 Lake of the Woods Lake of the Woods vs Greene Hills
Wednesday, June 28 Fauquier Springs Fredicksburg vs Greene Hills
Thursday, July 13 Montclair Culpeper vs Greene Hills
Monday, July 17 Home Greene Hills vs Lee's Hills
Thursday, July 26 Culpeper Rain date