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Swimming Pool

Our 25 meter pool has both a diving board and a slide, and a wading pool is available for our younger members. All lifeguards are Red Cross certified and are on duty during all business hours.

To be left unaccompanied inside the pool area fence or in the diving area, all children under the age of 13 must pass a proficiency test. Children under ten years of age must be accompanied by a person 13 years of age or older, under whose custody they remain at all times. Those acting as caregivers may purchase a monthly caregiver's pass for $40, which will be on sale in the Golf Shop beginning in May and will be available for June, July, and August.

During swim season, pool staff can be contacted by calling (434) 985-7328 ext 27 (office) or ext 30 (pool deck).

New Swimming Memberships

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The Pool Area is open to members and guests from

Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

(Pool Guest Fees: $5 per weekday guest/ $7 per weekend guest (Same Guest may only come 2X per month): CAREGIVER PASS: $40 per month.

Seasonal Youth Pass

Greene Hills offers a youth seasonal pool pass. This pass is available for those 18 years and younger and grants admission to the pool 7 days a week from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. The cost is $240 per pass.

Hours of Operation

Normal summer operating schedule:

  1. Open Sunday-Thursday from 10:00 am - 7:00 p.m.
  2. Open Friday-Saturday from 10:00 am - 8:00 p.m.
  3. The pool closes at 300 p. m. on days that the GHC Gators host JSL swim meets.

To view the GHC Pool Inclement Weather Policy, click here.

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons will be offered beginning on June 11. Call for more information: the pool at 434-985-7328 ext. 4, or email . Click here for additional information on Swim Lessons.

Pool Parties

Interested in hosting a pool party? Contact or call (434) 985-7328 ext. 4 or 5 for more information. Member swim parties are open to all members of Greene Hills -- young and old alike! A nominal fee will be charged to cover the costs of the refreshments provided.

GH Gators Swim Team

Home of the Greene Hills Gators

For information on the Gators and requirements to be a member of the Team, click here.

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Coaching Staff

Co-Head Coaches Patrick Kibler and Hillary Bigman

Under the direction of co-head coaches, Patrick Kibler and Hillary Bigman, Greene Hills Swim Club looks forward to an exciting season of fun and friendly competition. 

Patrick Kibler Pictures (TBA)


  Under the direction of head coach, Patrick Kibler, Greene Hills Swim Club looks forward to an exciting season of fun and friendly competition.  Patrick Kibler will rejoin the Greene Hills Team for his 10th year of coaching as head coach of the Gators.  Patrick also coached for the William Monroe High School Swim Team.  Beginning his swimming career at age 5, Patrick swam for the Gators under former Coach Chris Taylor.  Patrick was an outstanding swimmer for Greene Hills from age 5 to 18, placing top 3 in the league and continues to be a record holder at the club.    Patrick was a Jefferson District High School Champion and Virginia State High School finalist in breaststroke, freestyle, and IM.   After high school, Patrick continued his career in swimming at UVA on its club team.  Patrick is also a WMHS record holder in several events. After graduating from UVA, Patrick secured a job at PRA International. He and his wife, Sylvia, currently have 5 children and live in Stanardsville in the family home. He currently works with his wife, Sylvia, as a photographer.




Tim Kibler  

   Patrick’s assistant coach, Tim Kibler, will join the Greene Hills coaching staff as the newest coach.  He is excited to be back with the Gators, and he, too, was an outstanding swimmer for Greene Hills for over 10 years of his youth and was also a Virginia High School finalist.  His favorite strokes are freestyle and butterfly.  Tim graduated from JMU and currently works as an occupational therapist at UVA.

Other Coaches   Other coaches rejoining the Greene Hills team this year are Christine Mullen, Rosemarie Mullen, Emma Springer, and Tyler Bunyea. We are all excited to have them back to bring their excellent swimming experience, instruction, and enthusiasm!


Group Practice Descriptions click here

Gators Group Practice Times

Group Practice Time  
Gator   PM: 6:25 - 7:40
White AM: 8:45-9:30 PM: 6:50-7:40
Green AM: 8:45-9:30

PM: 6:50-7:40

Silver AM: 7:50-8:45 PM: 7:25-8:35
Gold AM: 7:50-8:45 PM: 7:25-8:35
  • Evening practice will be Monday through Thursday except meet nights.
  • Morning practices will be Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.
  • PM Group Clarification: White and Green Groups stretches at 6:50, and they get in the water at 7:00. Silver and Gold stretches/dryland begin at 7:25, and they get in the water at 7:40.

Practice Group Descriptions

Gator This is an introductory group that practices in Lanes 1 and 2. This group consists mostly of 1st year, 8 and under swimmers just learning the basic stroke mechanics. Practice is in the evening only from 6:25 - 7:00 PM. In order to participate in swim meets, swimmers in this group must be able to swim the entire length of the pool without assistance.
White This group is designed for swimmers in their first years on a team who have some knowledge of all swim strokes. They swim in Lanes 1, 2, and 3. this group will work on mechanics of all four strokes and introductory of turns. Practice will be from 6:50 -7:40 PM. When morning workouts begin, this group will have the option of swimming morning workouts from 8:45 - 9 AM.
Green This group is geared toward swimmers who have good working mechanices in all 4 strokes. They swim in lanes 4,5, and 6. This group will begin endurance training as well as technical instruction. Practice time will be from 6:50 - 7:40 PM. They will also have the option of swimming morning workouts from 8:45 - 9:30 AM once they begin.

Silver and Gold


These groups are comprised of swimmers who have mastery of all 4 strokes and turns. There is more emphasis on endurance and speed training than in previous introductory levels. However, stroke mechanics are still emphasized in each practice. Practice time wiill be 7:25 - 8:35 PM. Both groups also have the option of swimming 7:50 - 8:45 AM once they begin.

2017 GHG Meet Schedule TBA

June 13 FV Away
June 20 CCC Home
June 27 Elks Home
July 3 (Tuesday) LG


July 11 GOST Home
July 18 FAST


July 27 & 28

JSL Championship



  • There will be a sign out sheet for meets placed on the pool bulletin board. It is important to sign out if you are absolutely sure that you won't be able to attend the meet.
  • Swimmers should arrive at Greene Hills for Home Meets by 4:30 PM. Swimmers should arrive at away meet locations by 4:50 PM.
  • The date and time in which swimmer competes in the JSL Championship meet is determined by age group. The final schedule for this meet will be set during the season.






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